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EXPERTS say that the ongoing electrification programme in the sprawling township of Khayelitsha in the Western Cape is a case study and blueprint for the rest of Africa.

The present electricity user base at Khayelitsha is 60 000 customers, and the population of the township is conservatively estimated at more than three-quarters of a million but could well be approaching one million, based on the present growth of the township.

It is this gap between"switched on" residents and those who are not that presents a major challenge to electrifiers, builders and township developers, and the hard-earned experience gained in Khayelitsha is expected to apply to the electrification of other townships in Africa.

In the forefront of the electricity development in Khayelitsha is PN Energy Services, which is contracted by Eskom to supply electricity services to the township.

PN Energy is well positioned to become one of the major service providers having local experience and international backing to put together a plan for optimal operation.